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The Orion Flex D series pallet wrappers have been designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind. The Orion Flex D High or Low Profile Stretch Wrapping machines will give you all of the features you need to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently; saving a significant amount of stretch film. With several available options like dual turntables, extended base or mast, and 30” film carriage, the Orion Flex D series can be built to your exact specifications for your particular application.

The Orion Flex D is offered in both high and low profile models and comes standard with a 5,000 pound maximum load weight capacity and 260% powered pre-stretch gears. With product quality in mind, Orion makes sure that its equipment is safe, secure, and dependable.
Unit of Measure



  • Increased wrap height to 110” high
  • Extended base frame for over-sized loads
  • 30” Film Dispenser
  • Insta-Cut, Automatic Film Web Severance Device
  • Loading ramps
  • Dual Turntable option
  • “Stretch & Weigh” Scale Package
  • Extra Heavy L
  • Dimensions

    Machine Length

    N/A 96” (Flex HP Model)   100” (Flex LP Model)

    Machine Width

    N/A 48” (Flex HP Model)  68” (Flex LP Model)

    Machine Height

    N/A 94.5” (Flex HP Model)  89” (Flex LP Model)



    N/A * 5 year*


    N/A Automatic load height sensing for varying height loads Easy to operate, minimizing operator training


    N/A Heavy Duty Steel Construction 18 point support on LPD’s and 8 point support on HPD’s Belt film carriage lift with obstruction detection


    Power Requirements

    N/A 110VAC, 1 PH, 60Hz, 15 amp

    Operating Speed

    N/A up to 15 RPM Turntable Speed


    N/A 1800 lbs

    Film Size

    N/A 20" wide up to 110 gauge thickness, upgradeable to higher gauges

    Maximum Load Dimensions

    N/A 52" x 52" x 80"H

    Maximum Weight Capacity

    N/A 5,000 lbs


    N/A For Flex HPD - For Flex LPD -