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The Orion Flex "A" Series of Stand Alone Stretch Wrap Machines eliminate the need for operators to attach and cut the stretch film. Simply place the pallet load on the machine, and pull a lanyard switch while backing away. These systems will perform the entire wrap cycle automatically without the need for an operator to tie the film tail to the load at the beginning of the cycle, and detach it at the end. This will greatly impact the efficiency of your stretch packaging operation by keeping your operators busy with other tasks while the machine is wrapping.

The Orion Flex Series includes an automatic cycle to reduce labor, along with a structural steel frame for durability. Ensuring that the structure of the Orion Flex Series are sturdy enough to handle all of the production requirements is imperative, that's why the Flex Series is built tough. With an easy to load film from side, the portable automatic stretch wrapping system Flex A is the perfect solution for wrapping needs.
Unit of Measure

Available Options

Available Options

  • Increased wrap height to 110” high
  • Extended base frame for over-sized loads
  • 30” Film Dispenser
  • Insta-Cut, Automatic Film Web Severance Device
  • Loading ramps
  • Dual Turntable option
  • “Stretch & Weigh” Scale Package
  • Extra Heavy Load Option
  • Environmental Options
  • Dimensions

    Machine Length

    N/A 96” (Flex HP Model)   100” (Flex LP Model)

    Machine Width

    N/A 48” (Flex HP Model)   68” (Flex LP Model)

    Machine Height

    N/A 94.5” (Flex HP Model)   89” (Flex LP Model)



    N/A * 5 year*


    N/A Automatic load height sensing for varying height loads Easy to operate, minimizing operator training


    N/A Heavy Duty Steel Construction 18 point support on LPD’s and 8 point support on HPD’s Belt film carriage lift with obstruction detection


    Power Requirements

    N/A 110VAC, 1 PH, 60Hz, 15 amp

    Operating Speed

    N/A up to 15 RPM Turntable Speed


    N/A 1,800 lbs

    Film Size

    N/A 20" wide up to 110 gauge thickness, upgradeable to higher gauges

    Maximum Load Dimensions

    N/A 52" x 52" x 80"H

    Maximum Weight Capacity

    N/A 5,000 lbs