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The Orion Flex CTS eliminates the need for an operator to attach and cut stretch film and eliminates time-loss from forklift drivers “watching” loads being wrapped. Simply place a pallet on the turntable via forklift and pull a lanyard switch while backing away. The Orion Flex CTS will wrap the load as you have pre-determined it to do, automatically adapting to the size and shape (within machine specifications). At end of the wrap cycle the load will be conveyed onto the exit pick-up conveyor section, freeing the turntable to receive another load.

If functionality, uptime and safe interaction are all critical to your operation, then the Orion Flex CTS Stretch Wrap will meet or exceed your expectations. The Orion Flex CTS comes standard with many features that enhance the performance and safe operator interaction.
Unit of Measure



  • Increased wrap height to 102” high
  • 30” Film Dispenser
  • "Stretch & Weigh” Scale Package
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Extended Accumulation Conveyor
  • Dimensions

    Machine Length

    N/A 100”

    Machine Width

    N/A 121.6” (with standard 5’ long accumulation conveyor)

    Machine Height

    N/A 94.5”



    N/A * 4 year*


    N/A Automatic load height sensing for varying height loads Unload wrapped load while additional load is being wrapped


    N/A Heavy Duty Steel Construction Belt film carriage lift with obstruction detection Precision Ring Bearing Turntable Support (No Casters!)


    Power Requirements

    N/A 110VAC, 1 PH, 60Hz, 20 amp (others available)

    Operating Speed

    N/A up to 15 RPM Turntable Speed

    Film Size

    N/A 20" wide up to 110 gauge thickness, upgradeable to higher gauges

    Maximum Load Dimensions

    N/A 48"W x 48"L x 72"H

    Maximum Weight Capacity

    N/A 4,000 lbs