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Orion is proud to introduce the new S Series (Standard) semi-automatic stretch wrap machine; the latest addition to the popular Orion’s Flex Series. The new High Profile Standard (HPS) and Low Profile Standard (LPS) have been designed to deliver the same quality, durability, reliability and performance as all of Orion’s Flex Series machines but at an affordable price. The Orion Flex S Low Profile model is well-suited for loading by fork lift or by pallet jack when accompanied with an optional ramp. The Orion Flex S includes the proven InstaThread film delivery system which elongates your stretch film 260% prior to delivery to the load. The InstaThread features an ultra-sensitive corner compensation mechanism to assure that film tension around the entire load is consistent which improves load stability. The Orion Flex S LP is ideal for pallet jack loading (with optional ramp) or fork lift loading. For applications using only fork lifts, Orion recommends a high profile model such as the Flex HPS.
Unit of Measure



  • Increased wrap height to 110” high
  • Loading ramp for manual pallet jacks
  • Dimensions

    Machine Length

    N/A 96"

    Machine Width

    N/A 63"

    Machine Height

    N/A Tower = 96”   Turntable = 3-1/2”



    N/A * 3 year*


    N/A Automatic load height sensing for varying height loads Easy to operate, minimizing operator training


    N/A Heavy Duty Steel Construction Dual chain film carriage lift for stability and longevity Powder Coat Paint Finish


    Power Requirements

    N/A 110VAC, 1 PH, 60Hz, 10 amp

    Operating Speed

    N/A up to 12 RPM Turntable Speed


    N/A 1,800 lbs

    Film Size

    N/A 20" wide up to 95 gauge thickness

    Maximum Load Dimensions

    N/A 52" x 52" x 80"H

    Maximum Weight Capacity

    N/A 4,000 lbs