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The Orion FA is a Rotary Turntable In-Line Conveyor Stretch Wrapping System which automatically receives, wraps and discharges Loads within system specifications. The Basic System includes one Powered Infeed Conveyor, one Powered Turntable Conveyor and one Powered Exit Conveyor. Additional Infeed/Exit Conveyor Sections may be added for increased Load accumulation. The Machine will automatically apply Pre-Stretched Film to the Loads, cut the Film, wipe the Film tail to the Load, and contain the Film for application to the next Load. Loads are automatically sequenced through the Conveyors and controlled by Photocells and PLC. Numerous Options are available to best match this System to your specific application.

The Orion FA is unique in the marketplace as it offers Category 2 Safety Rating as standard equipment, not an option. As part of Category 2 Safety Rating you'll find full surround 8 foot high steel mesh fencing with interlocked access points as well as infeed and exit light curtains with electronic muting.
Unit of Measure

Available Options

Available Options

  • Increased wrap height to 102” high
  • 30” Film Dispenser
  • “Stretch & Weigh” Scale Package
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Extended In-feed and/or Accumulation Conveyors
  • Numerous available options to customize for your specific application
  • Features


    N/A * 3 year parts – 5 year structural*


    N/A Automatic load height sensing for varying height loads Load un-wrapped load while additional load is being wrapped and additional wrapped load is positioned for removal from accumulation conveyor. Increases through-put dramatically.


    N/A Heavy Duty Steel Construction Belt film carriage lift with obstruction detection Precision Ring Bearing Turntable Support (No Casters!)


    Power Requirements

    N/A 480 Volt, 3-Phase, 60 Cycle, 30 AMP (4 Wire with 3 Lines Ground) Actual amperage will vary per application

    Operating Speed

    N/A up to 15 RPM Turntable Speed

    Film Size

    N/A 20" wide up to 110 gauge thickness, upgradeable to higher gauges

    Maximum Load Dimensions

    N/A 48"W x 48"L x 80"H

    Maximum Weight Capacity

    N/A 4,000 lbs