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  • High production rates of up to 120 pallet loads per hour
  • Superior top film hood seal results from having one machine cycle to cure before stretching
  • Patented film stretch method — overstretch of film achieves low initial force, correct final force
  • Positive film hood opening system uses gusset grips to assure opening of all films
  • Machine can apply both clear or printed stretch hood film for product identification
  • Allen-Bradley® Control System
Are you looking for reliable 5-sided wrapping of pallet loads?

The ARPAC COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch Hood System, using Thimon® patented technology, is the new generation of automatic stretch hooding technology. This machine covers pallet-held products on the top and sides, allowing for pallet load storage with strong environmental protection against dust, water and shipping damage that can occur during storage or transportation. The COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch is ideal for products destined for warehouses, home centers, construction and freight yards.

The stretch hood system begins with a rugged welded frame, and supports a gusseted film unwind system, an advanced hood sizing module and a hood stretch and application system. Up to two film rolls can provide ability to hood multiple size pallet loads on the fly. Multiple infeed, wrap area and exit conveyors are available to meet the most challenging application.

This ergonomically designed machine is designed to support ease-of-use, fast changeover and plant safety objectives. Film changeover and threading is simple with negligible film loss. Parallel hood creation and hood wrapping processes improves cycle time while providing the newly heat-sealed plastic hood one full machine cycle to cool and cure before being stretched onto the pallet. This ensures a higher level of film stretch capability than is typically found in other stretch hood machines. The mechanical hood opening system, using mechanical grips rather than vacuum plates, provides a positive pull on the film gussets assuring the correct opening of all film hoods.

Unique to this new generation machine is a patented method of film stretching that provides improved hooding reliability while treating your loads in a gentle and less crushing manner.

An optional rotating film head uniquely provides capability for the machine to turn the film 90 degrees if the pallet is turned sideways. This provides additional production flexibility with respect to completing the stretch hood quickly and reliability.
Unit of Measure



  • Rugged, welded tubular steel frame with internal wireways
  • Easy film changeover threading, one film roll included
  • Motor-driven film accumulating roller ensures film length accuracy
  • Reliable heat seal bar creates a strong sturdy seal for th to of the hood, regardless of film thickness
  • Unique film cutting mechanism allows for creation of subsequent during the current wrap cycle
  • Powered gathering mechanism feeds film evenly with no jams or pinch points
  • Gusset film clamps twist film slightly to ensure the film hood opening
  • Anti-collision photoeye system automatically adjust film hood carriage to account for load variation
  • Allen-Bradley® based control system using SLC 5/05 PLC, 1000 Plus touch screen operator interface
  • Low-film alert with machine fault alert and beacon light
  • Options


  • Rotating head film transfer system
  • Additional film roll capacity (second roll)
  • Inside film carriage (single roll only)
  • Floor mounted jib crane
  • Lift truck detection system
  • Spare parts kit
  • Annual preventive maintenance contract
  • Training for Life™ operator and maintenance training at ARPAC University
  • Operating Specifications

    Max.Load Wrap Cycle Time

    N/A Up to 120 cycles per hour

    Load Width Range (across conveyor)

    N/A Up to 52.7"
    Up to 1340 mm

    Load Length Range

    N/A Up to 56.7"
    Up to 1440 mm

    Load Height Range(assumes conveying height of 23.25 inch.)

    N/A Up to 65" (1650 mm)
    Up to 85" (1650 mm)
    Up to 104" (2650 mm)

    Type of Film

    N/A Stretch Film Tube with Pre-Defined Gussets

    Gusset Style Stretch Film Guidelines

    Film Thickness

    N/A 60 micron to 180 micron (based on application need)

    Film Roll Width

    N/A 23.6" to 60.6" (600 mm to 1540 mm)

    Film Roll Diameter

    N/A 39" max.(1000 mm) first roll

    Film Roll Weight

    N/A Up to 2200 lbs (1000 kg)

    Physical Specification

    Machine Height (nominal)

    N/A 196.9" (5001 mm) Type 1
    216.6" (5501 mm) Type 2
    236.6" (6001 mm) Type 3

    Machine Length

    N/A 113" (2870 mm)

    Machine Width

    N/A 222" (5640 mm)

    Shipping Weight (std.model)

    N/A 9460 lbs4300 kg

    Electrical Power

    N/A 460 VAC,60 Hz,3 Ph,30 A

    Compressed Air

    N/A 80 psi,up to 35 SCFM