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Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support

Code up to four lines of information on two, independently operating conveyor lines, or code up to eight lines on one conveyor. Print simple, single line codes; expand to double high, double dot characters; create logos; print UPC Shipping Container bar codes with the new Symbol Jet bar code printhead and design your own totally generic carton - all with this new ink jet system from Marsh. The LCP/ML8, your key to production control.

The LCP/ML8Ink Jet System offers you:

Simple Operation - requires little operator monitoring; minimal labor costs
  • large-Character Print - quick, accurate readability even from great distances
  • High-Resolution Marks - easily read, even in less than adequate light; high contrast marks offer superior legibility in are housing and material handling operations
  • Non-Contact Printing - mark on uneven or irregular surfaces easily, cleanly, legibly: only ink touches the substrate
  • Accurate Registration - electronic activation positions marks in the exact same location on each and every container; marks become an integral part of container graphics
  • Software library - wide selection of field-proven software programs for production, inventory and quality control
  • Symbol Jet Bar Coding-scanner readable action and information codes for total automation: UPC Shipping Container format printed on-line, direct-to-carton
  • Flexible Mounting - mount controller on floor stand, wall or conveyor
  • RS232 Interface Compatible - use with other electronic equipment: mini, micro or main- frame computers, process controllers and electronic scales
  • NEMA 12 Rated Cabinet -Industry standard for dust and moisture protection. No additional cabinetry needed .
  • Noise Protected - reduces EMI/RFI interference
  • Data Cable Protection - cable openings facilitate use of 1/2" (13mm) conduit to encase cables
  • Choice of Input Devices - choose the Hand Held Keyboard, menu-driven full screen display LCP/ID or RS 232 computer interface
  • Message Storage - standard 8K capacity: expandable to 48K
  • Multiple Print lines and Print Sizes - up to 8 lines of print on a single production line. Print sizes from 5/16"(8mm) to 6"(150mm)
  • Multi Tasking - dual production line coding-up to 4 lines of information on each of 2 independently operating conveyors
  • Field Upgradeable - system can be adapted as production requirements change
  • 24 Hour Time Clock - pinpoint coding time to the minute for accurate production control and precise quality control procedures
  • Consecutive Numbering - for accurate production and quality control information, con-seductively number individual cartons, bags or containers within a run
  • Instant Copy Change - information stored for quick access and fast change
  • Double Dot - highlight, emphasize selected information for instant recognition and eye-catching visibility
  • Color Coding - choose from a wide variety of ink types and colors for high-impact. high-visibility coding
  • 24 Hour Customer Service - toll free telephone number, direct to a Marsh Customer Service Technician, gives immediate response to your questions
  • Factory-Trained Distributors - LCP Systems are sold and installed by factory-trained personnel to insure reliable equipment performance
  • Modular Equipment Design -for field-upgradeability and expansion
  • Key Personnel Training - is provided by distributor at time of equipment installation. Additional, in-depth training is available from factory personnel at the Marsh headquarters in', Selleville, IL.
Unit of Measure



Basic System:
Controller, Input Device, Ink System, Photo Cell, Printhead, Mounting Hardware

Print Heights:

  • 700 Series - (7 dot high printhead) 707- 5/16"(8mm)

  • 713- 1/2"(13mm)
    720- 3/4"(20mm)
    730- 1-1/4"(30mm) Combo-1/2"(13mm) or 1"(26mm)
  • Flat Pack - ( 7 dot high printhead)
  • 1707- 5/16"(8mm)
    1720- 3/4"(20mm)
  • 1600 Series - (16 dot high printhead)

  • 1620- 3/4"(26mm) or two lines of 5/16"(8mm)
    1630- 1-1/8"(30mm) or two lines of 1/2"(13mm)
    1650- 1-5/8"(50mm) or two lines of 3/4"(20mm)
  • 3200 Series - (32 dot high printhead)
  • 3267- 2-3/4" (70mm), two lines of 1-1/8" (26mm) or four lines of 1/2"(13mm)
    32100- 4"(1 OOmm), two lines of 1-5/8" (40mm) or four lines of 3/4"(19mm)
  • 4800 Series - (48 dot high printhead)
  • 48100- 4"(100mm) three lines of 1-1/8" (26mm) or six lines of 1/2"(13mm)
    48150- 6"(150mm) three lines of 1-5/8" (40mm) or six lines of 3/4"(20mm)
  • 64135 Series- (64 dot high printhead) 8 lines of 1/2"(13mm) or 4 lines of 1-1/8"(30mm)
  • 64200 Series - (64 dot high printhead) 8 lines of 3/4"(20mm) or 4 lines of 1-5/B"(50mm) Optional1/2"(13mm) and 3/4"(20mm)
Nozzle Block Kits permit varied print heights and line spacing within a code. This hardware can be installed at the time of system set-up or changed out at a later date.

Character Font:
64 character ASCII set

Conveyor Line Speeds:
Standard speed: 20 to 85 fpm (6 to 27 mpm)
High speed: 20 to 200 fpm (6 to 61 mpm)
For use with Symbol Jet Bar Code Printhead: up to 65 fpm (20 mpm)
Shaft encoder required for Symbol Jet Printhead
Shaft encoder available for variable speed and stop/start applications

Operating Environment:
Temperature range is 40°F(4°C) to 130°F(54.4°C) Operation in humidity to 95% non-condensing

Message Length:
42 characters per print line standard, 84 optional

System operable on 50Hz or 60Hz 100, 110, 120, 220 or 240 VAC

Controller and Ink System cabinets are NEMA 12 rated in accordance with NEMA standards.

Has up to 48K character memory.
RS232 Interface Communications.
Data rate, 110 - 9600 Baud Selectable

Ink System Options:
5-gallon (19 liters) capacity and quart (.95 liter) capacity systems available for both porous and non-porous applications.

Field Upgradability:
Refer to additional literature or contact your Marsh distributor for information on additional equipment.

All standard speed equipment, 12 months. High speed printheads, 18 months.
All labor, 90 days.
Symbol Jet Bar Code printhead: 6 months.
Symbol Jet Bar Code meets UPC Shipping Container Code and EAN Shipping Code specifications