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Foxjet’s MK HHI controller combined with the innovative VxJet 12X print head offers print heights from 1/10” up to 1/2" print with speeds, ink types and capabilities to handle a wide variety of coding applications. Designed for both case coding and primary product marking, the 12X produces a compact code with sharp definition. Built to last, the 12X print head is ruggedly made from a durable, sealed aluminum extrusion. The 12X system is capable of running up to 4 print heads, at any angle, from the same easy to use MK HHI controller. Print height is up to ½", including two lines of stacked print with print speeds up to 650 feet per minute. This flexible system can be expanded when printing is required on both sides of your product with the addition of a second printhead. Included are a number of single and bold version fonts: 5, 7, 9, and 12 dots.
Unit of Measure


Print Height

N/A Up to ½” (12 dots)

Lines of Print

N/A Up to 2 stacked lines

Printhead Orientation

N/A Any Angle

Print Speed

N/A Up to 650 ft/min

Ink Throw Distance

N/A .1” to .5”


N/A 5, 7, 9, & 12 dot regular and bold

Horizontal Resolution

N/A Up to 33 dpi

Ink Types

N/A Porous and non-porous

Ink Color Options

N/A Black and colors

Ink Delivery Systems

N/A Canister and bulk option

Printhead Dimensions

N/A 11.9”L x 4.1”W x 2.6”H