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This reliable labeler for industrial environments is the low cost labeling industry standard.

The LS-500 offers:
  • Microprocessor driven controller
  • Heavy duty industrial construction
  • Low label sensor
  • Simple threading path
  • Wide range of mounting strategies
  • Balanced feed
  • Built in USA
The LS-500 replaces:
  • Preprinted boxes
  • Roller coders
  • Stencils
Unit of Measure



  • Microprocessor driven controller with user-friendly keypad and LCD display for easy access to label application parameters such as product time delay and label dispensing speed
  • No air requirement
  • Up to 1200" per minute maximum label dispense speed, depending on label size, weight, and dispensing orientation
  • Simple threading path ensures quick label change
  • Balanced feed assures consistent label tension and reduces web breakage
  • Low label sensor
  • Non-cantilevered double frame design that eliminates web drift
  • High torque, low inertia stepper drive
  • Easily integrates into Little David case sealers, and other case/product handling systems
  • Built in U.S.A.

  • Available universal case sealer mount assembly:
  • Side of box labeling applications

  • Available mounting stand:
  • "H" floor mounting stand, vertical delta mount with casters and lift off screws
  • Standard Features

    Standard Features

  • Labeling head
  • Passive (roll-on) application
  • Proximity product sensor
  • Photoelectric label sensor
  • 30" cross mounting tube
  • Options


  • Left or right hand dispensing option
  • Various product sensors
  • 3-condition light tower
  • Alarms: low label, web break
  • Printer/Applicator Data

    Dispense Speed

    N/A Up to 1200" per minute (30.5M per minute) depending on label size, weight, and dispensing orientation


    N/A +/- 1/32" (+/- .79mm)

    Product Sensing

    N/A Photoelectric

    Label Sensing

    N/A Photoelectric


    N/A Microprocessor

    Machine Length

    N/A 32 15/16" (837mm)

    Machine Width

    N/A 12 1/16" (306mm)

    Machine Height

    N/A 19 9/16" (497mm)

    Machine Weight

    N/A 60 lbs (27 kg)

    Label Width

    N/A 1/4" - 5 3/8" (6.35mm - 136.5mm)

    Label Length

    N/A 3/4" - 6" (19.05mm - 152.4mm)

    Label Roll Requirements-Finish

    N/A pressure sensitive die cut with 1/8" (3.17mm) gap

    Label Roll Requirements-Outside diameter

    N/A 12" (304.8mm)

    Label Roll Requirements-Core diameter

    N/A 3" (76.2mm)
    Optional 4" (101.6mm) and 6" (152.4mm)


    N/A 115 - 230 V, 50/60 Cycle, 5 A