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Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support
High Resolution Large Character Printing
  • Consistently high print quality - micropurging with every print
  • Reduced cost of ownership - unique ink-recycling circuit
  • Easy integration - small, single-unit system
The Marsh 1100/3100 printers combine high resolution printing with a simple user interface, making message selection quick, easy and error-free. The Marsh 1100/3100 are designed and manufactured to reliably print accurate, high quality, real time alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics.

Consistently high print quality - micropurging with every print
The 180 dpi resolution of the Marsh 1100/3100 printers allows for complete generic carton coding at pre-printed quality levels. With their unique, self-maintaining printhead system, the Marsh 1100/3100 printers guarantee the highest quality bar codes and printed images on every case, even in the dustiest environments.

These systems can accomplish this because they are the only high resolution ink jet printers that automatically clean and maintain the printhead with a unique, patented micropurging process with every print - without affecting production speed or throughput. Unique technology builds confidence in print quality.
Unit of Measure

Technical Specifications


N/A MARSH 1100: 17 mm (0.7") high 180 dpi
MARSH 3100: 70 mm (2.7") high 180 dpi

Print Area (per printhead)

N/A MARSH 1100: 17 mm (H) x 2000 mm (L)
(0.7" x 78")
MARSH 3100: 70mm (H) x 2000 mm (L)
(2.7" x 78")

Number of Printheads

N/A Up to (4) heads

Self-Cleaning, Self-Prime System

N/A Standard (patented)

Ink Reclaim System

N/A Standard (automatic)

Print Distance

N/A 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm max. (0.02 - 0.15")

Print Speed

N/A 0.3 - 31 meters/min (1' - 100'/min)


N/A Non-toxic, suitable for food packaging

Ink Supply / Delivery

N/A Non pressurized, screw-in canister

Controller / User Interface / Ink cabinet

N/A Integral to printer

Inputs / Outputs

Integral Print Sensor

N/A Standard

External Inputs

  • Print go input (24V PNP or vol-free)
  • Encoder input (24V single / quadrature)
  • Line select (up to 16 lines)
  • External Outputs

  • Fault output (volt-free)
  • Warning output (24V PNP)
  • Spare (24V PNP)
  • Operator Interface (CLARiTY)

    N/A 5.7" full color LCD


    Air Supply Requirements

    N/A 6 Bar, 90 psi, dry, uncontaminated

    Power Supply Requirements

    N/A 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 140 VA (max)

    Operating Temperature

    N/A 10 - 40 ºC50 - 104 ºF


  • CE / UL60950:2000 (3rd edition)
  • Further information available upon request
  • System

    Operator Interface

  • Full-color LCD touch-panel CLARiTY interface
  • Job selection and database support as standard. WYSIWYG print preview
  • Operator Interface Languages

    N/A Language selection including English, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, German, and Spanish

    Password Protection

    N/A 3 user-levels

    Remote Coder Configuration Software

  • CLARiTY Configuration Manager
  • ‘Off-Line' set up and parameter storage available as standard
  • Diagnostics

    N/A On-board diagnostics as standard

    On-Board Memory

    N/A 64 MB memory, CompactFlash® and/or expansion card (depending on model)

    Print Capability

    Image Design Software

    N/A Claricom CLARiSOFT Package Coding Design Software

    Font Support

    N/A Full downloadable font support for TrueType®


    N/A Scalable text including rotation, mirror and inverse printing

    Supported Field Types

  • Fixed, variable (user entered), merged, database, counters, date, offsets, time, paragraph (Text Blocks)
  • Basic shape drawing (circles, rectangles etc.)
  • Special Functions

  • Auto real time and date functions
  • Auto best before date calculation and concession management
  • Auto incrementing & decrementing text, counters and bar codes
  • Bar Code Printing

    N/A EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN 128, Code 128, ITF. Others available upon request.

    Graphics, Images and Logos

    N/A Multiple graphic formats supported using CLARiSOFT. Any size up to maximum print area.

    Day Code Support

    N/A Hour, day of week, day of month, week of year, month of year, year of decade and Arabic date support

    Code Options

    N/A Start of day, shift codes, factory, machine, line ID

    Field Orientation

    N/A 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°

    Networking and External Communications

    External Data Communications

  • RS232/422 point-to-point communications
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base TX network communications
  • Binary and ASCII comms protocols and Windows drivers
  • Host PC mode (Remote Database) using CLARiNET
  • Network Control Software

    N/A Claricom CLARiNET coder independent network management software