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The STOROpack PAPERplus® patented crimping technique creates an ultra strong mattress that provides the bulk and durability needed to absorb, cushion and protect heavy, fragile items and delivers superior cushioning & void-fill for more standard packaging applications. The PAPERplus® uses a smaller, more economical roll of paper but still offers the protection you need. Quite simply, you get better protection for less money using STOROpack’s PAPERplus® Paper Packaging System.

The PAPERplus® System offers:
  • Operator friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Dispensing speeds from 42 fpm (standard model) to 120 fpm (high speed model)
  • Significant cost savings over competitive models
  • Runs both single or two ply paper, to handle most any application (Classic PAPERplus® can also run 3 ply paper)
  • 120 VAC Electrics
Four Models Available:
  • Classic Vertical, dispenses out the top of the machine
  • Classic Horizontal, dispenses out the side/end of the machine
  • Single Table Top, offers integrated work table to work on with paper dispensing through the top of the table surface
  • Double Table Top, offers a much larger work surface with the paper dispensing through the top of the table surface
Unit of Measure


Machine Depth

N/A 36”

Machine Width

N/A 36”

Machine Height

N/A 70”


Power Requirements

N/A 120VAC, 1 PH, 50/60Hz

Operating Speed

N/A Up to 120 feet of void fill/cushioning material per minute

Machine Weight

N/A 400 pounds (without film roll installed)

Multiple paper choices for unlimited packaging needs

Multiple paper choices for unlimited packaging needs

Paper Type Width x Length Packaging Volume per roll
GE 1-ply 1066' 95 ft3
GE 2-ply 918' 125 ft3
1-ply 40# 29.5" x 1,350' and 1,800' 75-100 ft3
1-ply 60# 29.5" x 900' and 1,350' 115-170 ft3
2-ply 30/30# 29.5" x 900' and 1,350' 110-155 ft3
2-ply 30/50# 29.5" x 900' and 1,350' 125-170 ft3
2-ply 43/43# 29.5" x 900' and 1,300' 135-185 ft3
2-ply 50/50# 29.5" x 900' and 1,200' 150-195 ft3
3-ply 30/30/30# 29.5" x 450' 80 ft3
3-ply 30/50/30# 29.5" x 900' 175 ft3