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Sealed Air’s NewAir I.B.® Express System makes bubble wrap®. This system is ideal for those applications requiring the frequent use of bubble wrap but is short on storage space for traditional rolls of bubble wrap. A single roll of film can equal 5,000 square feet of Barrier Bubble® material.

The NewAir I.B.® Express System offers:
  • Tiny Footprint
  • Fast throughput @ 55 linear feet of bubble wrap material per minute
  • Quick setup
  • Operator friendly
  • Available in 12” and 24” widths
  • Offered in various film strength options
  • 120 VAC Electrics
System Configurations:
  • Stand Alone – start and stop the unit by simply pressing a button or stepping on a foot pedal
  • Batch with a REWINDER – pre-program your desired amount and the rewinder will roll the produced material up for you. Great when you have multiple low to medium volume pack stations.
  • Batch with an Instasheeter™ - the NewAir I.B.® Express processes the inflated bubble material, the material is dispensed into the Instasheeter™ and the material is sliced into preprogrammed lengths, to better meet your specific application requirements
  • JetStream™ Delivery System – this system allows one NewAir I.B.® Express System to supply bubble material to multiple pack stations by way of bulk over-head system.
The NewAir I.B.® Express System replaces:
  • Packing Peanuts, Dunnage Paper or other cushioning materials
  • Traditional Bubble Wrap®
  • Inferior void fill machines
Unit of Measure

Dimensions – (without film roll)

Machine Depth

N/A 26”

Machine Width

N/A 29”

Machine Height

N/A 19”


Power Requirements

N/A 120VAC, 1 PH, 50/60Hz 3 Amp

Operating Speed

N/A 55 feel of void fill material per minute

Machine Weight

N/A 81 pounds (without film roll installed)