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Airplus® - Strong Pillows of Air to Cushion and Protect Your Packages
  • Clean and dust-free protection
  • Strong and durable
  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Reduces storage space produced on-demand
  • Small with fast output
AIRplus® Saves Time, Space and Shipping Costs
AIRplus air pillows are a low-cost, highly effective interior cushion, block and brace and void fill option that deliver significant benefits. Light, clean and strong, AIRplus cushions and protects your packages with pillows of air that retain their size and shape, ensuring your shipments reach their destination without damage. Since air is weightless, your shipping costs are brought to an absolute minimum. And, AIRplus air pillows are reusable, saving you even more.

Versatile Functionality:
  • Void fill & cushioning
  • End caps
  • Corner pads
  • Edge protectors
  • Dunnage
  • Block and brace
The AIRplus® Advantage:
Strong, Durable and Clean. Low-Cost, Easy to Produce, And Highly Effective.

Just like a pillow you sleep on, AIRplus air pillows conform to the weight and shape of the object, supporting and cushioning against vibration and shock, making them highly effective in a wide variety of packaging applications. With AIRplus your packaging is consistent and controlled, helping you manage costs. You will appreciate the low-labor requirements and ease of production of AIRplus as well as its clean, dust-free characteristics- almost as much as your customers.

Pillow Talk
AIRplus air pillows are created when polyethylene film feeds into the Excel system and individual pillows are inflated with ambient air and then heat sealed.
  • Amount of air in each pillow can be adjusted based on specific packaging requirements.
  • Film is perforated for easy separation.
  • Film can be pre-printed with your company’s logo to build and reinforce branding.
  • Multiple pillows sizes available ranging from 4" to 12" in length by 8", 10" and 12" in width.
  • Space saving – 98% source reduction (one skid of film produces 5,950 cubic feet of protection).
AIRplus® Systems — Fast, Efficient Production
AIRplus systems are fast, compact, portable and extremely easy to operate. With their small footprints and large production capacities, AIRplus systems fit easily into any packaging environment — regardless of volumes. The efficient production and clean, lightweight properties of AIRplus make it an ideal material for your packaging needs.

AIRplus® Excels at Production
The AIRplus Excel and AIRplus Mini systems are compact, portable and fast. They integrate easily into single or multiple packing station environments and can be equipped with add-on accessories and components to provide even more functionality and flexibility. Your shipping environment stays clean and uncluttered because AIRplus air pillows are dust free and are produced on-demand – saving valuable storage and handling space.
Unit of Measure



N/A High-volume packers will appreciate its speed as well as its small footprint that enables you to use the Excel almost anywhere in your packing environment. AIRplus air pillows can be created on-demand, minimizing inventory and storage requirements,or produced in batches and fed to packing stations through a Storopack designed dispensing system.



N/A 18" W x 15" D x 22" H


N/A 42 lbs


N/A 45 feet per minute

Pillows/ Min.(regardless of width)

N/A (±) 135 - 4" pillows
(±) 65 - 8" pillows
(±) 45 - 12" pillows

Power Supply

N/A 120 V – 2 A

Air supply

N/A Ambient

The Storopack Service Advantage

The Storopack Service Advantage

N/A While we’re always working on ways to improve the packaging inside the box, we know that what happens outside the box is just as critical to your operation. At Storopack, service isn’t an afterthought; it is at the core of our business. Our skilled representatives and service technicians provide the knowledge and the responsiveness to ensure your packaging systems are operating at peak efficiency.
We’ll be there for you fast. With over 20 facilities in North America and more than 70 combined manufacturing and distribution locations worldwide, swift, attentive service is our norm.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

N/A Because of the strength and durability of Airplus air pillows, they can be used over and over by both you and your customers. In addition, the pillows are made with recyclable LDPE film, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.