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Fast And Easy Use with minimal training. The operator can easily insert the inflator nozzle into the extended valve for top void fill applications. The extended valve allows for blocking and bracing applications. Fill-Air® RF bags are available in six sizes for a wide variety of applications. The operator can inflate bags with the exact amount of air to fill the void, controlling the inflation process from start to finish. The all-electric, Portable Inflator plugs into a standard 110 V outlet.

Environmental Advantages
Fill-Air® RF bags can be deflated and re-inflated for reuse. Compared to bulky, traditional void fill packaging products, material volume is reduced by up to 90% for superior source reduction. Fill-Air® RF bags are shipped flat and inflated when used. One carton of 250 RF-4 (16" x 21") bags is the equivalent of up to 18 bags (14 cu. ft. each) of loose fill.

The Fill-Air® RF Inflatable Packaging System Provides:
  • Excellent Product Protection
  • Controlled Inflation Process
  • Compact Size
  • Ease Of Installation
  • Flexibility For Maximum Efficiency And Productivity
Unit of Measure


Fill-Air® RF Bag Sizes

Item Size Qty/Case
RF-1 9” x 11” 250/case
RF-2 11” x 15” 250/case
RF-3 14” x 18” 250/case
RF-4 16” x 21” 250/case
RF-5 14” x 18” 250/case
RF-6 18” x 36” 125/case

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

N/A 1. Position products together in the carton according to size, leaving only one void area.
2. Insert the inflator nozzle into the Fill-Air ® RF bag and place the bag on top of products.
3.With carton flaps partially closed, fill the bag until the void is filled. The clear bag allows for a visual check.
4. Remove nozzle, close remaining flap(s) and tape carton closed.