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The Loveshaw LD-Xss case sealer was designed to excel in the most sanitary sensitive industrial environments. The LD-Xss was created to meet an increasing demand for a case sealer that could remain in line while plants were being washed down. Heavy duty stainless steel design, fast/easy maintenance, easy clean design, and versatility make the LD-Xss a great value for any packaging line.

The LD-Xss offers:
  • Available with 2” or 3” Tape Dispensers
  • Large case processing capabilities
  • Full wash down compliance with NEMA 4 electrics available
  • White epoxy or stainless steel motor/gearbox
  • Heavy stainless steel design
  • Reinforced, self centering guide bars
The LD-Xss replaces:
  • Corroded/oxidized equipment
  • Non-AMI compliant equipment
Additional Case Sealer Models: Also available LD-X
  • Same heavy duty design as the LD-Xss
  • Painted Model
Unit of Measure



N/A • Stainless Steel Casters
• Stainless Steel In-feed or discharge pack tables
• Stainless Steel Top Squeezers
• NEMA 4 Electrics (for full wash down compliance)
• Stainless Steel Motor and Gear Reducer
• Mirrored image configurations (n


Machine Length

N/A 39-7/8” (103 cm)

Machine Width

N/A 34-3/8” (87.3 cm)

Machine Height

N/A 58-1/4” (148 cm)



N/A * 1 year on all components*
* 2 years Gear Reducer
* 3 years Tape Cartridge*
* Moving and wear parts are not included. Other restrictions may apply. Consult DVPG for details


N/A * 2" to 3" changeover in field
* Mirror image changeover in field


N/A * Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Design
* Continuous TIG Welding
* Reinforced, welded centering arms


Power Requirements

N/A 110VAC, 1 PH, 60Hz

Operating Speed

N/A 80 Belt Feet Per Minute

Machine Weight

N/A 269 pounds (uncrated)

Tape Capacity

N/A CAC60’s can use up to 2" wide PST, 3" dispensers also available

Minimum Case Capacity

N/A 4-1/2" length X 5-1/2" width X 4-1/2" high

Maximum Case Capacity

N/A inf. length X 28" width X 24" high