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The Interpack line of carton sealers is offered exclusively through authorized distributors’ of Intertape Polymer Group. Interpack’s flagship case sealer, the USA 2024-SB is an economically priced semi-automatic, top and bottom, uniform case sealer. This unit is designed to accept your cartons in batch mode; with minimal change over time. Equipped with twin, side belt drives is ideal for processing extremely heavy, extremely light and/or unstable cartons.

The USA 2024-SB offers:
  • Offset Tape Heads Will Process Cases As Low As 2” Tall
  • Slide & Lock Upper Head Provides Rapid Case Size Set Up
  • “Floating” Upper Head Compensates For Compressible Overfills
  • Twin 1/3rd HP Gear-motors
  • Self Tensioning / Self Tracking Belt Drive
  • Top squeezers
  • Stainless Steel In-feed Guides
  • Video footage:
The USA 2024-SB replaces:
  • Manual taping operations in a high volume application
  • Maintenance intense, out-dated equipment
Additional Case Sealer Models:
Also available USA 3036-SB
  • Designed to handle larger, heavier cartons
  • Comes standard with 3” tape cartridges and 4” tall side belt drives
Unit of Measure



N/A • Casters
• Available for 3” wide tape
• In-feed or discharge roller bed pack tables
• Mirrored image configurations (no additional charge)


Machine Length

N/A 44"

Machine Width

N/A 41-3/4"

Machine Height

N/A 73"



N/A * One year on all components (excluding normal wear items)
* 90 Days on drive belts, knife blades, springs and wipe down rollers


N/A * Tapes cartons as shallow as 2" tall
* handles poor quality cartons well by use of the side belt drive and floating upper tape dispenser


N/A * Heavy Poly Roller Bed for ease of carton transport during taping process
* Dual mast for better support
* Heavy formed steel body
* Two 1/3 HP gear motors


Power Requirements

N/A 110VAC, 1 PH, 60Hz, 6a (2 X 1/3HP)

Operating Speed

N/A 82 Belt Feet Per Minute

Machine Weight

N/A 350 pounds (uncrated)

Tape Capacity

N/A HSD 2000-ET II can use up to 2" wide PST, 3" dispensers also available

Minimum Case Capacity

N/A 6" length X 3 1/2" width X 2" high

Maximum Case Capacity

N/A inf. length X 20" width X 24" high