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The CF-25 is the latest in a series of industrial grade, high performance case erectors from Little David. This case erector is designed to form and bottom-seal corrugated boxes at speeds up to 15 cases per minute.

The CF-25 offers:
  • Small Foot Print
  • Powered hopper
  • Chain and Lug Drive System
  • Pneumatic tuckers
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Quick changeover
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Built in the USA
The CF-25 replaces:
  • Expensive and time consuming labor
  • Hand taping/staging boxes
  • Machines with a larger footprint
Unit of Measure



N/A • High Speed Upgrade (15 cpm)
• Special electrics
• Mobile Controls Station
• Air Dryer
• Casters or Leveling Pads
• Low hopper warning
• Low tape warning
• Box jam warning
• Leg extension
• Spare parts kit
• Stainless steel
• Available in CE, NEMA 4


Machine Length

N/A 75-1/8"

Machine Width

N/A 43-1/4"

Machine Height

N/A 75-3/4"


Power Requirements

N/A 110 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase. Other voltages available.

Air Requirements

N/A 14 SCFM at 85 psi

Production Rate

N/A Up to 10 cases per minute standard depending on size and quality of the cases. Loveshaw offers a an upgrade to 15 cases per minute.

Corrugated Orientation

N/A The printing on the case must match the case orientation of the machine. To be safe, corrugated to be processed should be evaluated prior to purchase.

Case Capacity-Length

N/A 6" to 16"

Case Capacity-Width

N/A 6" to 14"

Case Capacity-Height

N/A 4" to 12"

Machine Weight

N/A 1100 lbs. (uncrated)