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  • MARSH Unicorn Large Character Inkjet Printers

    • Most economical cost per code solution
    • Out of the box and on Vie job in minutes
    • Incredibly easy to use and maintain
    • Built-in multiple languages
    • Selectable print heights and fonts
    The Marsh Unicorn® printer is a compact, single line, ink jet system. Whatever your coding needs, the Unicorn system can be programmed quickly and easily. Product names, identification numbers, automatic production counts and accurate-to-the-minute time code capabilities are available at the touch of a button. The Unicorn printer not only marks your cartons, but also provides production information vital to inventory and quality control. The Unicorn system's original hard-working design provides out-standing reliability and unsurpassed performance. It delivers an all-in-one, low-cost solution through its high ink mileage and low maintenance requirements.

    The Unicorn system can be assembled and installed in minutes. Mounted directly to your conveyor, it includes: controller/key-pad, printhead, power pack, power cord, mounting brackets, self- pressurized ink cartridges. Simply plug it in and you're ready to print.

    Reduce training time and improve operator efficiencies with built-in selectable languages. The Unicorn system is programmable in one of 13 different languages allowing you the flexibility you need.

    Easy-to-use icon keys allow you to adjust and edit product codes with a few simple keystrokes. Customize time and date codes, expiration dates, rollover hour and more. Menu driven programs include electronically accurate automatic date change, clock functions and consecutive counts.

  • Videojet Unicorn II 2011

    The Unicorn® II is a compact ink jet printer that provides high quality, reliable, and economical printing of one or two lines of text. Whatever your printing needs, the Unicorn II can be programmed quickly and easily. Product names, identification numbers, automatic production counts and accurate-to-the minute time code capabilities are available at the touch of a button.

    Features & Benefits include:

    • Up to two lines of print with built-in multiple languages
    • Marks cartons and provides production information vital for inventory and quality control
    • Easy-to-use icon keys allow you to adjust and edit product codes with a few simple keystrokes
    • Menu-driven programs include electronically accurate automatic date change, clock functions and consecutive counts
    • Customized time and date codes, rollover hour and expiration date for automatic printing
    • Shift organizer for automatic coding by particular shifts (up to 4 shifts)
    Most economical cost per code solution
    • Delivers an all-in-one, low cost solution from high ink mileage and low maintenance requirements
    • Hard-working design provides outstanding reliability and unsurpassed performance
    Out of the box and on the job in minutes
    • Can be assembled and installed in minutes; simply plug it in and you are ready to print
    • Mounted directly to a conveyor, it includes: controller/keypad, printhead, power pack, power cord, mounting brackets and a pressurized ink bottle

  • MARSH Patrion Plus Large Character Inkjet Printers

    • High-resolution and dot matrix characters from one system
    • Dual-tasking: can run up to 2 production lines
    • Graphical user interface with QWERTY-style keyboard
    • 150 x 150 dpi with high-resolution printheads
    • Prints on both porous and semi-porous surfaces
    Dot Matrix or Fully Formed High-Resolution Characters From one System

    The Marsh PatrionPlus™ large character printing system is now more versatile, more functional and more adaptable than ever to meet your expanding needs. The advanced printer technology in this system has unique printhead flexibility that allows you to meet numerous production line applications with the versatility to print dot matrix or fully formed, high-resolution characters from one truly reliable system.

    HR Series - High-resolution
    This reliable, Videojet-engineered advancement offers up to 2 inches (50 mm) print height for high- resolution characters. The heart of the HR is the Videojet-designed and manufactured piezo print engine that holds eight patents. 150 vertical DPI delivers fully-formed characters and improved legibility. This capability lets you print large, sharp text, serial numbers, logos, and barcodes. And the compact size of the HR Series printhead fits more production lines and allows for more applications. At 200 fpm (61 mpm), with a 1/4" (7 mm) throw, it's fast, clear printing. Plus, low maintenance is assured due to no moving parts and an orifice plate that resists scratches. And of course, it's fully compatible with the standard PatrionPlus controller, data and power cables.

    Valve Jet - Dot Matrix Flexibility
    Optimize your most basic printing needs with this truly reliable, large character, dot matrix workhorse. Versatile, too, with two available types: 7-dot and 16-dot. Multiple fonts offer flexibility in your mark, with upper/lower case for better legibility. Easy to install and adjust with a simple tube-and-handle assembly. It even prints up to a full 200 fpm (61 mpm) for a fast, efficient line.

    The Most Flexible Controller Available
    The Marsh PatrionPlus system is easy to install and even easier to operate. A typewriter-style keyboard and pop-up menus make it easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to program. What's more, this single controller operates both HR Series and Valve Jet printheads. The large, ergonomically-correct keyboard is simple to use and a large, easy-to-read LCD display reduces the chance of error.
    The PatrionPlus controller's menu-driven programming comes standard in eight languages, and additional languages are available. The PatrionPlus system drives up to sixteen print- heads. Each printhead is capable of printing up to three lines of text. A NEMA 12/IP 51 cabinet is available to protect the controller and printhead power supplies.

    The Versatile Marsh ADS Ink System
    This ink system is designed exclusively for our Videojet printheads. At its heart are trouble-free inks for both porous and non-porous substrates, so you can print on both corrugated and plastic wrap. To deliver it, a flexible, 5-gallon, air-driven system, using plant-supplied air, offers the reliability and simplicity that PatrionPlus system is known for.

    Series 2000: Ingenious, Foolproof
    This Videojet innovation is specifically formulated for smooth operation with our HR Series high-resolution printhead. Once again, the beauty is in the simplicity. A patented, color-keyed cap system reduces the chance of replacing the 17 oz./500 ml bottle with the wrong ink. The bottle also features a patented "no-mess" design that prevents ink spillage. Mistakes are eliminated and ink change-over is easier than ever.

  • Loveshaw Microjet Line Large Character Inkjet Printers

    • Better message control
    • Crisp clean print
    • Great for higher speed lines and for smaller boxes
    • Throw distance increased, 250ft/min

  • FoxJet MK HHI & Vxjet 12x Non-Pourous Printing on Coated Boxes

    Foxjet’s MK HHI controller combined with the innovative VxJet 12X print head offers print heights from 1/10” up to 1/2" print with speeds, ink types and capabilities to handle a wide variety of coding applications. Designed for both case coding and primary product marking, the 12X produces a compact code with sharp definition. Built to last, the 12X print head is ruggedly made from a durable, sealed aluminum extrusion. The 12X system is capable of running up to 4 print heads, at any angle, from the same easy to use MK HHI controller. Print height is up to ½", including two lines of stacked print with print speeds up to 650 feet per minute. This flexible system can be expanded when printing is required on both sides of your product with the addition of a second printhead. Included are a number of single and bold version fonts: 5, 7, 9, and 12 dots.

  • MARSH ML4 Large Character Inkjet Printers

    Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support

    The LCP/ML4 System, with new fast-dry inks, printheads and specially designed NEMA 12 rated ink pump assembly and controller; makes coding on non-porous and porous surfaces simple, fast clean and dependable.
    Get clear, clean smudge-free marks on virtually all packaging materials. Industries using metal, plastic, poly, woven poly, clay-coat or any of the many other non-porous materials for packaging, save time and coats with the ML4’s high-speed application and standard four-second-dry-time. Dry time can be further accelerated by applying head or air to the coded surfaced. The same system and the same inks make equally bold marks on porous surfaces with no system changes or adjustments.
    As with Marsh LCP Systems, the ML4 is durable and dependable. All electronics are encased in a NEMA 12 rated cabinet for complete protection from the working environment.

  • MARSH ML8 Large Character Inkjet Printers

    Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support

    Code up to four lines of information on two, independently operating conveyor lines, or code up to eight lines on one conveyor. Print simple, single line codes; expand to double high, double dot characters; create logos; print UPC Shipping Container bar codes with the new Symbol Jet bar code printhead and design your own totally generic carton - all with this new ink jet system from Marsh. The LCP/ML8, your key to production control.

    The LCP/ML8Ink Jet System offers you:

    Simple Operation - requires little operator monitoring; minimal labor costs

    • large-Character Print - quick, accurate readability even from great distances
    • High-Resolution Marks - easily read, even in less than adequate light; high contrast marks offer superior legibility in are housing and material handling operations
    • Non-Contact Printing - mark on uneven or irregular surfaces easily, cleanly, legibly: only ink touches the substrate
    • Accurate Registration - electronic activation positions marks in the exact same location on each and every container; marks become an integral part of container graphics
    • Software library - wide selection of field-proven software programs for production, inventory and quality control
    • Symbol Jet Bar Coding-scanner readable action and information codes for total automation: UPC Shipping Container format printed on-line, direct-to-carton
    • Flexible Mounting - mount controller on floor stand, wall or conveyor
    • RS232 Interface Compatible - use with other electronic equipment: mini, micro or main- frame computers, process controllers and electronic scales
    • NEMA 12 Rated Cabinet -Industry standard for dust and moisture protection. No additional cabinetry needed .
    • Noise Protected - reduces EMI/RFI interference
    • Data Cable Protection - cable openings facilitate use of 1/2" (13mm) conduit to encase cables
    • Choice of Input Devices - choose the Hand Held Keyboard, menu-driven full screen display LCP/ID or RS 232 computer interface
    • Message Storage - standard 8K capacity: expandable to 48K
    • Multiple Print lines and Print Sizes - up to 8 lines of print on a single production line. Print sizes from 5/16"(8mm) to 6"(150mm)
    • Multi Tasking - dual production line coding-up to 4 lines of information on each of 2 independently operating conveyors
    • Field Upgradeable - system can be adapted as production requirements change
    • 24 Hour Time Clock - pinpoint coding time to the minute for accurate production control and precise quality control procedures
    • Consecutive Numbering - for accurate production and quality control information, con-seductively number individual cartons, bags or containers within a run
    • Instant Copy Change - information stored for quick access and fast change
    • Double Dot - highlight, emphasize selected information for instant recognition and eye-catching visibility
    • Color Coding - choose from a wide variety of ink types and colors for high-impact. high-visibility coding
    • 24 Hour Customer Service - toll free telephone number, direct to a Marsh Customer Service Technician, gives immediate response to your questions
    • Factory-Trained Distributors - LCP Systems are sold and installed by factory-trained personnel to insure reliable equipment performance
    • Modular Equipment Design -for field-upgradeability and expansion
    • Key Personnel Training - is provided by distributor at time of equipment installation. Additional, in-depth training is available from factory personnel at the Marsh headquarters in', Selleville, IL.