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  • E Series Labeling System

    Provides flexible all electric industrial label print and apply solutions by offering the greatest value on the market today. Foxjet’s Spec.E labelers are designed to incorporate a fully electric tamp solution to achieve better performance and higher customer satisfaction. These systems are designed specifically for label application, thus reducing much of the adjustments and controls required versus competitors solutions.

    The industry’s fastest, toughest label printer/applicator!
    The LS 6000 Spec.E is capable of printing and applying up to 110 labels per minute. With rugged steel and aluminum construction, it’s tough enough for three-shift operation in the most demanding conditions.

    • Sleek, modular design
    • Up to 90% less power than similar pneumatic units
    • Label sizes from 1” x.5” to 4” x 13.125”
    • Label application speeds up to 45 per minute
    • 10 in stroke standard, 20 inch optional
    • Supports Bar codes, TrueType fonts and internal fonts, graphics/logos.
    • Designed for nose-down, nose-up, side apply, and top-down label application.
    • Five cylinder and vacuum profiles for easy quick setup
    • Choice of Print Engines from Sato® & Zebra®
    • Two Year Warranty

  • 4700

    Are designed to apply labels on the top, side or bottom of many types of packaging containers. These units are servo-motor driven and includes several advanced features pioneered by FoxJet during years of automated label application experience including.

    • Brushless DC Servo motor powers the label drive and independent brushless DC liner rewind motor delivers ideal combination of placement, accuracy and reliability.
    • Telescoping peel blade designed to deliver the label to the product versus the product to the label. This simplifies integration while keeping the main components removed and “out of harms way.”
    • A peel blade mounted label edge sensor insures proper dispensing while simplifying set-up and eliminating label jams.
    • Up to 800 labels per minute (300 FPM) dispense rate. – Label Size Dependent
    • Graphic tri-color backlight LCD provides user access to monitor system status, fast system set-up and full diagnostics, including error condition, production counts, 50 job storage and more.
    • Tests inputs & outputs w/o multimeter
    • UL and CE approved.
    • Large 14” O.D. roll size on 3” core
    • Two Year Warranty

  • Loveshaw LX500P 2011

    Continuing the tradition of functional labeling for the real world, Loveshaw is proud to release The Little David® LX-500P Label Applicator. The easy to use LX-500P is a compact and versatile label applicator that can be oriented for top, side or bottom labeling. The Servo-controlled label dispensing ensures wrinkle-free application and years of worry free performance.


    • Wipe-On Label Applicator
    • Drive Roller-Free Patent-Pending Feed System
    • Accurate and Reliable Brushless Servo Motor
    • Instantaneous Setting changes
    • Durable Stainless Steel Peel Blade
    • Easy-to-Read LED Text Display
    • Built-In Diagnostics

  • Loveshaw-LS-800 Labeling Equipment

    This reliable labeler for industrial environments prints and applies on demand directly to boxes, pallets, or products.

    The LS-800 offers:

    • Microprocessor controller
    • User-friendly label format software
    • Simple threading path
    • Right or left handed dispensing
    • Wide range of mounting strategies
    • Over 50 save areas for quick recall
    • Built in U.S.A.
    The LS-800 replaces:

    • Preprinted boxes
    • Roller coders
    • Stencils

  • Loveshaw-LS-500 Labeling Equipment

    This reliable labeler for industrial environments is the low cost labeling industry standard.

    The LS-500 offers:

    • Microprocessor driven controller
    • Heavy duty industrial construction
    • Low label sensor
    • Simple threading path
    • Wide range of mounting strategies
    • Balanced feed
    • Built in USA
    The LS-500 replaces:
    • Preprinted boxes
    • Roller coders
    • Stencils

  • Label-Mill-3501 Labeling Equipment

    The Label Mill® 3501 label printer applicator makes capabilities standard that were once custom on printer applicators. More than two dozen I/O points allow for easy integration to scales, bar-code scanners, product diverters, automatic machines, conveyor lines, remote trigger, second trigger for variable data, tamp synchronization, and indicator signals such as low label, low ribbon, printer error, batch done, and more. Selections of several standard features are easy to enter using the touch pad and large, back-lit display. The controller software is user friendly and password protected. Selectable features include batch counter, job storage of up to ten jobs, operational modes, trigger polarity, and printer status outputs. With more built-in features and capabilities than any other printer applicator on the market, the 3501 sets a new standard in printer applicators.

    • 16-Key Touch Pad
    • Large, 2-Line Display with Backlight
    • User-friendly Operating Software
    • 25 I/O Points
    • 2 Serial Ports
    • Encoder Port
    • Batch Counter
    • Job Storage of Up To 10 Jobs
    • Printer Status Outputs
    • Heavy Duty Industrial Design
    • Left and Right-Hand Models
    • Optional Hand Held Interface
    • Optional Touch Screen
    • Optional PC Interface
    • Swing-Away Tamp Assembly for Ease of Webbing and Maintenance
    • Swing-Away Blow Box for Ease of Webbing and Maintenance
    Corner Wrap
    • Compliant Tamp Pad
    • Heavy Duty Rotary Actuator
    Adjacent Panel
    • Compliant Tamp Pad
    • Heavy Duty Rotary Actuator
  • Label Mill 1005 Labeling Equipment

    Table Top Label Application System

    • Modular Design
    • Label Dispenser
    • Tamp Applicator
    • Flag Applicator
    • Round Product Applicator
    • Easy Set Up
    • Photo Electric Web Sensor
    • Microprocessor Control
    • Adjustable Mode Setting
    • Hand-Held Label Interface
    • “Auto-Round” Module
    The Label Mill® 1005 label applicator is a semi-automatic table top label applicator which features fast, easy change over to meet a variety of labeling needs. Using the unique rail-mounted modules, the Label Mill 1005 can serve as a label dispenser, tamp applicator, round-product applicator, and flag applicator. Because this unit can do them all, there is no need for additional units for each type of application. Change over from one application to another in five minutes or less. The LM- 1005 is built for heavy-duty industrial use. Hand-held labeler interface makes changeover and control adjustments quick and easy.

    Rail Mounted Tamp
    • Assembly for fast changeover. Dovetail tamp pad mount for easy changeover.
    Round Product
    • Round Module to provide partial or full wrap on cylindrical products.
    • Adjustable for size from .25” to 4” in diameter.
    • Flag label: cable, rod, hand tools or any other product quickly and easily.