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  • Foxjet Marksman Elite Controller 2011

    FoxJet’s Marksman ELITE is a flexible stand-alone industrial controller that is capable of operating two production lines simultaneously and up to four printheads. The Marksman ELITE controls ProSeries Trident based printheads to print industrial compliant barcodes, graphics, and/or alphanumeric characters on boxes, trays and many other porous materials and surfaces.

    • Industry leading 17" touch screen with built in on-screen keyboard
    • Windows XP Professional operating system
    • Controls up to 4 printheads on 2 production lines
    • Rugged Stainless Steel case with interior cable connections
    • Fast production changeover
    • Password protection and Report generation built-in
    • Solid State Industrial Grade Hard Drive
    • Premium Boxwriter ELITE “WYSIWYG” editor software
    • Keyboard is Omnipresent at bottom of screen
    • User logs and print job reports with integrated on-line scanner protocols
    • TUV and CE Tested and Compliant
    • Manufactured with RoHs Components
    • Reliable Windows XP Interface

  • Foxjet Marksman HHI-2 2011

    FoxJet’s SoloSeries thermal inkjet printers are easy to use, economical industrial Hewlett Packard Inkjet printers that deliver the quality you expect at the price you want. Foxjet Marksman HHI High Resolution Inkjet controller offers a simple solution for controlling a daisy chain of printheads without the use of a PC. This compact handheld device can control up to 16 printheads in two daisy chains and allows the user easy access to change messages.

    FoxJet Solo Series Thermal Inkjet Printers offer:

    • Porous or Non-Porous Printing
    • Print Heights Ranging From 1/10”—1”
    • Optional Bulk Ink Supply
    • Built-In Autocodes
    • Includes PC Software
    FoxJet SoloSeries 45 & 90 Printheads provide flexibility in print heights

    FoxJet’s SoloSeries 45 printhead offers up to 5 lines of print up to a ½” print area offering varying character heights and easy logo placement for simple and flexible message creation. Built-in autocodes such as date, time, count and expiration are easy to utilize. And the rugged enclosure protects the print cartridge, ensuring optimum print quality in industrial environments.

    The SoloSeries 90 printhead from FoxJet offers up to an 1” tall print area for alphanumerics, logos and barcodes with NO MANUAL STITCHING. The SoloSeries 90 features two sets of photo sensors to ensure your message prints perfectly each time. And the printer’s robust build with its stainless steel faceplate provides durability and longevity.

  • Foxjet Marksman Duo XT Image

    The Foxjet Marksman® Duo XT is a simple and easy to use system, delivering the best high resolution non-porous printing solution on the market today. The Foxjet Marksman Duo XT has a modular design with a 7" LCD color touch screen display, Graphical User Interface, QWERTY keyboard and a variety of connectivity options. The Marksman Duo XT is compatible with Foxjet's Trident Based NP384 High Resolution non-porous printheads which is ideal for printing on shrink films, poly overwrapping films, clay coated chipboard boxes and label laminated corrugated boxes.

  • Foxjet Next Controller 2011

    The Marksman NEXT controller is designed to work on your Window®-based PC with a single printhead or can network with multiple Marksman NEXT controllers to run an entire factory. The NEXT controller was developed to work with FoxJet’s ProSeries high resolution printheads to create industry compliant barcodes, graphics or alphanumeric text and is a direct replacement for FoxJet’s NET Controller.

    • Each Marksman NEXT controls one ProSeries printhead
    • Connection to the host PC running FoxJet's BoxWriter Net software is accomplished via industrial Ethernet standards
    • Network together up to 200 Marksman NEXT controllers on multiple production lines to give your production floor full centralized control of printing systems
    • Control access to the controller with password protection
    • Generate reports for shift work or production runs, including user logs, print jobs and scanner reads.
    • Easily add peripherals such as scanning devices or alarm beacons directly to the controller
    FoxJet BoxWriter Net Software is included with the system and is a Windows®-based Graphical User Interface (GUI). BoxWriter Net Software creates industry compliant barcodes, graphics or alphanumeric text utilizing “WYSIWYG” message editor software that allows you to manage messages off-line. Data can be introduced to the system through a network connection routing new information to the controller in real-time.

  • Fojet Marksman Pro 768

    Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support
    Printhead controllers that work for you.
    Flexibility is the driving force behind the Marksman controller line. It is designed to meet the unique and changing needs of today’s packaging lines.

    Marksman Pro Features & Benefits:
    FoxJet’s Marksman Pro is a flexible stand-alone industrial controller that is capable of operating two production lines simultaneously and up to six printheads. The Marksman Pro controls ProSeries Trident based printheads to print industrial compliant barcodes, graphics, and/or alphanumeric characters on porous materials and cases.

  • MARSH Encore High Resolution Inkjet Printers

    Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support

    • High-resolution large character and bar code printing eliminates the need for pre-printed cartons
    • Windows CE ®-based intuitive, graphical, icon-based interface
    • Line speeds up to 200 feet per minute (61 m/min.)
    • Print resolutions up to 300 x 150 dpi in real world environments
    • Off-line message creation/transfer and multiple security levels eliminate errors
    The Marsh Encore system combines high resolution printing with a highly advanced user interface, making message creation quick, easy and practically error-free. The Marsh Encore printer also delivers print resolutions up to 300 x 150 dpi, providing you the flexibility of on-line coding with pre-printed quality.

    A familiar operating system that can also run on a PC
    The Marsh Encore controller software is designed for the Windows CE® operating system. The controller software can be readily run from a remote PC, allowing codes to be created off-line and then downloaded to single or multiple controllers via Ethernet or RS-232 connections. You can also create a centralized database of messages from which codes and graphics can be accessed and stored. To reduce message selection errors, you can connect a bar code scanner to enter variable data or load messages.

    High-resolution printing eliminates the need for pre-printed cartons
    The Marsh Encore system supports two printheads — EN120 (.8", 20mm) and the EN300 (2", 51mm) — to deliver on-line printing of graphics bar codes and True Type® fonts with character heights from 1/16" (1.5mm) to 2" (51mm) for full generic case coding, eliminating the need for pre-printed cartons or providing flexibility of dynamic printing of blank shippers.

    Intuitive, graphical, icon-based interface with WYSIWYG image editor
    With the Marsh Encore controller interface, message creation is fast and easy to learn. Drag-and-drop editing tools with cut and paste features and group alignment make creating messages a snap. The WYSIWYG image editor minimizes the risk of error.

    Advanced options allow users to customize date and time formats, as well as alpha and shift codes, making the system flexible enough to address any customer specific requirements.

    The power to perform
    The Marsh Encore system represents the next level in Videojet's printing technology through the use of an advanced user interface with full resolution image control and increased processing power. The Encore system is extremely versatile, and it’s processing power provides fast message changeover, even when using external devices to initiate message call-ups.

  • MARSH 1100/3100 High Resolution Inkjet Printers

    Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support
    High Resolution Large Character Printing

    • Consistently high print quality - micropurging with every print
    • Reduced cost of ownership - unique ink-recycling circuit
    • Easy integration - small, single-unit system
    The Marsh 1100/3100 printers combine high resolution printing with a simple user interface, making message selection quick, easy and error-free. The Marsh 1100/3100 are designed and manufactured to reliably print accurate, high quality, real time alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics.

    Consistently high print quality - micropurging with every print
    The 180 dpi resolution of the Marsh 1100/3100 printers allows for complete generic carton coding at pre-printed quality levels. With their unique, self-maintaining printhead system, the Marsh 1100/3100 printers guarantee the highest quality bar codes and printed images on every case, even in the dustiest environments.

    These systems can accomplish this because they are the only high resolution ink jet printers that automatically clean and maintain the printhead with a unique, patented micropurging process with every print - without affecting production speed or throughput. Unique technology builds confidence in print quality.

  • MARSH Overture High Resolution Inkjet Printers

    Legacy Model No Longer Available, Contact DVPG for Service and Support

    • Superior barcode integrity
    • Countless hours of high-speed, high-resolution performance
    • Easy to use software
    • Variety of piezoelectric printheads
    • Customizable time and date codes
    The Marsh Overture™ System
    provides the flexibility of printing bar codes, logos and other text with state of-the-art, graphically driven controllers and software enhancements, which ensure the most effortless coding and control available.

    Overture Controller
    Featured in the Overture family are three controllers, all easy to use and include a built-in LCD and keyboard. Other outstanding features include customizable time and date codes, true graphical representation of product, three levels of password protection and more.

    Overture Printheads
    A number of printheads are offered, allowing for a variety of styles, multiple lines of text and varying print heights. All printheads feature solid-state, piezoelectric crystal technology (no mechanical moving parts).

    The Overture Software package makes bar code generation fast and easy. Overture bar codes comply with industry standards and verify to ANSI specifications.